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Carefully clean the surfaces to treat and remove any loose paintwork.
Eliminate cracks and blemishes by skim coating and, when necessary on absorbent walls, apply a coat of Fondo 2000, adjusting the dilution so that no surface film forms. On particularly smooth substrates, like paintwork or plasterboard, roughen the surface with FONDO P378.

Use a stainless steel trowel to apply a first coat of MARMORINO evenly to a thickness of about 2 mm, taking care not to form any joints, lines and smears.
After at least 24 hours (when the first coat is perfectly dry), evenly apply a second, thinner coat while pressing gently.
Smooth immediately with a clean stainless steel trowel, applying more pressure during the drying stage. The more the product is skimmed and smoothed the more brilliance it gains.
For added water repellency and resistance to dirt, after ten days apply a coat of CERA LIQUIDA (interiors only).