Altura Acqua Brillante

Glossy water-based varnish

Ideal for decorating and protecting woodwork (doors and windows, wood panelling, furniture, DIY items, etc.) in mountain and marine environments.

The special formulation produces a finish with good flow, levelling and flexibility, plus high resistance to blocking and atmospheric agents.

Easy to apply and quick drying, the product is also ideal in closed environments because odourless. This water-based product complies with atmospheric pollution reduction regulations, is environmentally friendly and protects user health.

  • Effective coverage 11-13 sqm/l per coat
  • Dilution ready to use. If necessary, up to 3-5% drinking water.
Pack Pieces Notes
000 neutral / 000 transparent
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6
Bases for tinting system
000 transparent / 000 neutral
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6