Wood conditioner

Water-based product, ideal for revitalising painted wood, for interiors and exteriors.

Restores tone and suppleness to painted woodwork (doors and windows, fences, gazebos) exposed to atmospheric agents.

Repeated treatment, at least once a year, immediately revives the original colour and luminosity of faded substrates, renews their aesthetic appearance and significantly lengthens the life of the protective film, reducing the need for maintenance work or complete replacement.

Easy to apply by rag/brush after simple cleaning of the structure.

Suitable for application on any type of water or solvent-based single-component finish, either transparent or tinted, which has already exposed to atmospheric agents and for this reason is slightly mattified. This water-based product complies with atmospheric pollution reduction regulations, is environmentally friendly and protects user health.

  • Effective coverage >14 sqm/l per coat.
  • Dilution Ready to use.
Pack Pieces Notes
000 neutral
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6