Ferropiù Micaceo

Micaceous anticorrosive enamel

Enamel with excellent anticorrosive properties, for exteriors and interiors, based on alkyd binder, micaceous iron oxides and lamellar pigments.

Suitable as both primer and topcoat, it protects metal effectively and enhances its appearance with a wrought iron effect.

Inhibits the formation of rust through the combined action of various factors: the chemical composition of the binder impedes the penetration of UV rays which cause film decay; while the pigmentation based on micaceous iron oxides and other lamellar pigments forms a barrier against oxygen and humidity, the main causes of corrosion.

The slightly gelled consistency of the product makes it easy to apply (does not run or drip), also in greater thicknesses if required to provide more protection.

  • Effective coverage 10-11 sqm/l per coat.
  • Dilution Ready to use. If necessary, 3-5% Diluente 700 or 900. Spray: 5-10% Diluente 703.
Pack Pieces Notes
Colour card tints
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6
Bases for tinting system
051 light grey fine grain / 054 light grey large grain
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6