BoeroKompatt Plus

Anti-algae filling coating with quartz powder

Quartz anti-algae filling coating for exteriors.

Good hiding power and resistance to atmospheric agents.

Any small imperfections in the substrate can easily be masked by applying this product, which has excellent filling power because of its controlled particle size quartz content.
Featuring good adhesion, the product is ideal for protecting and decorating new and renovated buildings. Compliant with standards EN 15457 (fungi resistance) and EN 15458 (algae resistance) as a result of special additives that protect the film against the aggressive action of algae, moulds and lichens.

  • Effective coverage 6-7 sqm/l per coat.
  • Dilution Brush: 20-25% drinking water (1st coat), 10-20% drinking water (2nd coat). *Tints deriving from bases other than white require lower dilution, up to 10%.