Malta GB 831 White

Mineral adhesive, 1.2 particle size

Mineral-based adhesive and skim coat consisting of cement, selected fine sands, hydraulic and synthetic binders, and special additives.

Suitable for fixing and skim coating EPS insulating panels used in thermal insulation systems.

Use category II (according to ETAG 004).

Good adhesion; excellent workability; high permeability to vapour; high mechanical stress resistance; quick setting and drying.

Can also be used for fixing and coating isolating panels for skirting (EPS-P).

  • Effective coverage Adhesive: 2.8/5 kg/sqm. Skim coat: approx. 1.4 kg mm/sqm per coat.
  • Dilution About 6.2 l/pack.
Pack Pieces Notes
25 Kg 1