Uviflex intermedio

Anti-algae intermediate filling coating with chemical and UV crosslinked acrylic co-polymer base

Ideal for restraining and masking dynamic hair cracks and micro cracks. Easy to apply, excellent filling power and high crack resistance.
Controlled particle size extenders mask and equalise uneven and irregular substrates. Complies with standards EN 15457 (fungi resistance) and EN 15458 (algae resistance) by using special additives that protect the film against algae, moulds and lichens.

Suitable for new buildings or for maintenance on civil and rough plaster, reinforced concrete, fibre cement and prefabricated reinforced concrete panels.

Must be re-coated with UVIFLEX QUARZO or UVIFLEX INTONACO elastomeric coating.

  • Effective coverage 2-3 sqm/l per coat.
  • Dilution Ready to use. If necessary, up to 5% drinking water.
Pack Pieces Notes
001 white
13 L 1