Siloxane anti-algae coating

Siloxane anti-algae coating for exteriors in water emulsion, compliant with standard AFNOR FD T30-808, NF T36-005.
This coating features both the high vapour permeability typical of mineral products and the low water absorption and water repellency typical of polymer-based products.
Compliant with standards EN 15457 (fungi resistance) and EN 15458 (algae resistance) as a result of special additives that protect the film against the aggressive action of micro-organisms (algae, moulds and lichens).  
Versatility of use, excellent adhesion to all types of masonry substrate and extreme ease of application make the product particularly suitable for renovating historical buildings and colouring modern constructions.

Ariete is compliant with standard DIN 4108-3 on façade protection.

  • Effective coverage 6-7 sqm/l per coat
  • Dilution 5-10% drinking water
  • Note

     Tints deriving from bases other than ARB