Synthetic anti-rust coating

Anticorrosive alkyd paint formulated with special pigments and zinc phosphates.

Good flow and excellent coverage; excellent resistance to atmospheric agents even in severe conditions such as industrial and marine environments.

Extremely versatile, with excellent hiding power and filling properties, plus optimum adhesion.

Can be used as an anti-rust product or a base wood stain.

The white and grey version can also be used as a matt finish because of the product's excellent flow, which is similar to that of a high quality enamel.

  • Effective coverage 9-11 (11-12) sqm/l per coat
  • Dilution Brush, roller: 5-10% Diluente 700. Spray: 10-20% Diluente 703. Dust free: 1-2 hours (1 hour).
Pack Pieces Notes
001 white / 051 grey / 180 orange
2.5 L 2
0.5 L 6
Bases for tinting system
001 white
2.5 L 2
0.5 L 6