Biquarz 1.0

High-build acrylic polymer anti-algae coating

High-build acrylic polymer anti-algae coating for exteriors.
The high applied thickness (up to 1.5 mm) makes it possible to conceal any imperfections in the substrate and obtain a “natural lime” type finish.
The pigments and special fillers used in the formulation give the product excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and abrasion, without affecting breathability. The product is also compliant with standards EN 15457 (fungi resistance) and EN 15458 (algae resistance) as a result of special additives that protect the film against the aggressive action of algae, moulds and lichens.

  • Effective coverage 2 kg/sqm per coat.
  • Dilution By weight: ready to use. If necessary, up to 2-5% drinking water.