Transparent wood stain with wax-like finish

Transparent wood stain with wax-like finish for interiors and exteriors.

Ideal for decorating and protecting woodwork (doors, windows, furniture, DIY items, etc.), even when exposed to mountain and marine environments.

Contains natural waxes that penetrate deep into the wood without clogging the pores, rendering the treated surface water-repellent and also microporous.

Highly resistant to the aggressive action of the sun and atmospheric agents, this product is easy to apply and doesn't peel.

The satin wax-like finish delicately transforms the appearance of wood without hiding its natural grain, making it pleasing to the touch and altering the colour to the desired shade. Brings out the best in even lower quality wood.

  • Effective coverage 8-10 sqm/l for first coat; >12 sqm/l for subsequent coats.
  • Dilution Ready to use. If necessary, up to 2% Diluente 700 or 900.
Pack Pieces Notes
colour card tints / 000 neutral
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6
Bases for tinting system
000 neutral
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6