Heat and sound insulating wall coating

High breathability wall coating for interiors; heat insulating, moisture resistant, high anti-mould power and sound absorbing.

Thanks to special additives and hollow glass micro-spheres, it improves living comfort in the areas where it is applied. High protection against noise and temperature changes; vapour permeable; high steam and mould resistance.
The glass micro-spheres form a multiple glass-air-glass system which creates a barrier effect. Compliant with standard UNI EN 15457 (fungi resistance) as a result of specific, broad-action additives, for durable protection against the formation of moulds, fungi, algae and moss.

With its good hiding power and excellent filling power, the product effectively masks small surface imperfections.

  • Effective coverage Brush: 4 sqm/l per coat. Roller: variable, depending on thickness.
  • Dilution DILUTION Brush: 15-25% drinking water (smooth finish). Roller: 10-20% drinking water (smooth finish). Heat and sound insulating power varies depending on thickness applied (minimum 200-300 μm).