Insulating water-based primer for interiors

With the special binders used in its formulation, this product can insulate old patches of damp, nicotine, soot, glue, marker, etc.
Excellent filling and hiding power, plus high adhesion, mean that this product can be used as a primer on plaster, plasterboard, etc. Also suitable for use as a wood primer, as it insulates against stains caused by the exudation of the tannin contained, in particular, in resinous and tropical wood.

The application of multiple coats completes the cycle, but we recommend finishing with water-based paints, plastic coatings or enamels (also solvent-based) if applied to wood.

  • Effective coverage 8-10 sqm/l per coat
  • Dilution Ready to use. If necessary, 3-5% drinking water.
Pack Pieces Notes
001 white
10 L 1
4 L 1
0.75 L 6