Respect, protection and harmony of the environment have always been central themes of the development philosophy of Boero. For this reason the Boero laboratories constantly pursue the search for eco-friendly solutions, both in terms of formulation and product creation.
The attention to low environmental impact characterized the different steps of the production system and distribution cycle, from the choice of raw materials to production, from transport to recovery and disposal.
In order to respond to the new legislation of the European Community, which impose increasingly restrictions, Boero has also launched a series of checks on all production lines in order to be already aligned with the demands of the new regulations.
Boero was also concerned to improve the efficiency of its production plants using the best available technology to minimize emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. The latest example of this commitment is the adoption of a closed loop system, in the new plant in Rivalta Scrivia, for production of solvent-based paints: this prevents the release into the atmosphere of the vapors, putting them into the production circuit.
A development that wants to be "sustainable", respectful of human and territorial resources, with a careful eye to future generations.