Colour simulator

Which color? With PLive is simpler

Do you want to refresh the colour of your living room but you are not sure of the result?

With our colour simulator you can find inspiration searching through the environments we offer or upload your photos and see, in a few easy steps, the colour applied in your room.

And then you can save and print all your colour tests in order to compare and decide taking your time.

Plive Boero: an easy and fun tool for a professional result. Try it now!



Upload from your computer the photo you want to colour.


With the drawing tools you can create the areas of your interest.


Save your work and transfer to Plive. The photo is ready to be coloured with Boero colours.



Select an image between the suggested environments or choose the photos you have uploaded.


Choose the area to be coloured, product and colour choosing from Boero collections.


Rate your result. The “Options” button allows then to Save, Print or Return to the original photo.