Uviflex Intonaco

Textured, high-build anti-algae elastomeric coating

The special composition of the binder produces dual crosslinking: induced by UV rays on the surface, giving the product water repellency and low dirt pick-up, and internal chemical crosslinking, which gives it the flexibility typical of elastomeric products, even at low temperatures.

Ideal for the protection and waterproofing of new buildings or for building maintenance.

Excellent filling power and weathering resistance. Complies with standards EN 15457 (fungi resistance) and EN 15458 (algae resistance) by using special additives that protect the film against algae, moulds and lichens.

  • Effective coverage 2 kg/sqm per coat.
  • Dilution Ready to use.
Pack Pieces Notes
001 white
25 Kg 1
Bases for tinting system
001 white
25 Kg 1