Silnovo Intonaco 1.5

Anti-algae potassium polysilicate-based coating

Anti-algae potassium polysilicate-based coating for exteriors with organic stabilisers.

Silnovo Intonaco is compliant with standard DIN 4108-3 on façade protection.

The distinctive feature of the coating is its high vapour permeability and high water repellency.

The controlled particle size fillers make it effective at equalising and masking uneven and irregular substrates. The product is also compliant with standards EN 15457 (resistance to fungal growth) and EN 15458 (resistance to algae).
Versatility, excellent adhesion on all types of masonry substrate and extreme ease of application make the product particularly suitable for renovating historical buildings and colouring modern constructions.

  • Effective coverage 2.5 kg/sqm per coat.
  • Dilution By weight: ready to use. If necessary, up to 2-5% drinking water.