Deep action protective woodstain

High protection, high penetration wood stain for interiors and exteriors.

Protects woodwork (including door and window frames, boats, doors and windows) exposed to marine and mountain environments.

It protects wood from the aggressive action of the sun and atmospheric agents.

It penetrates deep down and can be used to obtain the desired shade, enhancing even low quality wood by bringing out the natural grain.
It produces a smooth, satin finish and won't peel because it doesn't form a film.

Easy to apply both by brush and by immersion painting.

  • Effective coverage 8-10 sqm/l for first coat; >15 sqm/l for subsequent coats.
  • Dilution Ready to use.
Pack Pieces Notes
colour card tints / 000 neutral
20 L 1
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6
Bases for tinting system
000 neutral
2.5 L 2
0.75 L 6