Matt, extra white washable paint.

Water-based paint for interiors with excellent anti-mould, anti-algae and anti-moss properties.

Compliant with standard UNI EN 15457 (fungi resistance) as a result of specific, broad-action additives, for durable protection against the formation of moulds, fungi, algae and moss.
The matt appearance effectively masks any small surface imperfections. The special binder delivers excellent adhesion, washability and alkali resistance, without blocking water vapour and so avoiding the formation of condensation.
The characteristics of this product make it particularly suitable for application in hospitals, schools, cheese production facilities, public establishments in general and, naturally, for any damp and badly ventilated environment where mould and fungi tend to form (bathrooms, cellars, kitchens, etc.)

  • Effective coverage 12-14 sqm/l per coat
  • Dilution Brush: 40% drinking water (1st coat), 30% drinking water (2nd coat). Roller: 20-35% drinking water.