Fondo 2000

Acrylic water-based consolidating fixative primer

Substrate-solidifying primer based on micro-emulsion acrylic polymers.

The small size of its binder particles translates into outstanding penetration properties, minimising water absorption and equalising areas of differing absorption.

Can be used to prime all building surfaces (plaster of various types, plasterboard, various agglomerates, concrete, fibre cement, non-chalky old lime-based paint) that will be re-coated with water-based paints or synthetic coatings.

  • Effective coverage 10-11 sqm/l per coat.
  • Dilution 50-100% drinking water. For very absorbent substrates use as is or dilute up to 50%. For very compact substrates it can be diluted up to 100%.
Pack Pieces Notes
000 colourless
15 L 1 plastic container
5 L 1 plastic container